Urban Oreganics deodorant cream

Urban Oreganics deodorant cream
Urban Oreganics deodorant cream

Urban Oreganics deodorant cream

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An aluminum-free deodorant that contains no harsh chemicals and leaves your skin feeling clean and soft. Although it will help hinder excess moisture, it will not block it, but will effectively control odor all day long. Great for men or women, and safe for all skin types.

  • 2oz DEODORANT cream in glass jar (with scoop)

If you've never used a natural deodorant before, give your body a few weeks to adjust to it. Your body needs time to expell all the chemicals from your commercial deodorant. With this deodorant cream, you will no longer be exposing yourself to the aluminum found in commercial deodorants. Research has shown that aluminum may be linked to Alzheimer's and multiple cancers. Aluminum can also be transfered to your little one through breast milk.

INGREDIENTS & BENEFITS: (100% natural, vegan, & *organic)
✧ pure virgin coconut oil*: hydrates and conditions skin, anti bacterial
✧ raw shea butter*: anti inflammatory, soothes irritated skin
✧ GMO-free vitamin e oil: protects and repairs skin
✧ candelilla wax: anti inflammatory
✧ arrowroot powder*: absorbs moisture

Warm a pea-size amount in finger tips and apply to clean underarms. For maximum longevity, store in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight.

Urban Oreganics handcrafts the highest quality bath & beauty products just outside of Portland, Oregon. Their handmade creations are lovingly fashioned in small batches and tested on friends and family, never on animals.

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