30 weeks pregnant & my hike to Pine Creek Lake

During my pregnancy I have often felt like I am walking on an emotion tight rope. I feel mostly overjoyed and excited but have my share of emotion hardships as well. Anything from the hot sun to a bird being trapped in our fireplace can set me off into a crying fit. For the most part I have been blessed with a healthy pregnancy and have been able to enjoy every bit of it.

Being 30 weeks along now, walking up the stairs or putting away laundry can seem the hardest thing in the world. This past weekend I put set aside my limitations and surprised myself with my ability to hike up a mountain with my husband, dogs, and 20 extra pounds on me.

We had friends hike up to the lake night before to camp for the weekend. We thought it would be fun to attempt to meet them for the day if I was physically/mentally able. I tend to push myself but realized that listening to my body and knowing its limitations was SO important.

The hike to Pine Creek Lake is a 10 mile there and back trail with a 3,200 foot elevation gain. My husband, two dogs, and I took to the trail at a slow and steady pace. Greg made sure to push water on me and take plenty of breaks. It felt so good to fill my lungs with the fresh mountain air and feel the rocky trail under my feet.

I wonder if the baby will hold on to these sensations of hiking when born...if he or she will find comfort in our walks and the familiar movement. I would imagine that the constant motion would be meditative and would put one to sleep.

Several women stopped me on the trail to reminisce of there pregnant hiking endeavors and to encourage me along the way. In our society we tend to dwell so much on the limitations of being pregnant and what we shouldn't be doing. It was a beautiful experience to focus on the strengths of pregnancy and the vigor it can give us.


P.S. We made it to the top and it was worth every panting breath.