Spring in the Grasslands

The grasses are greening, my garden starts need transplanting, and our house is starting to fill with summer time guests. A few weeks back my younger brother visited from New York City and snapped a few photos of Leon and me out in the land.

Leon is feeling Spring for the first time. He's felt the sun on his legs, the rain on his face, and the wind in his hair. We drove to Big Creek to hike around his first drainage and hear the sound of a running creek for the first time.

We have been busy rearranging our garden space, bringing in soil and building new beds. We have fought off mice bedding in our boxes and dug up endless amounts of dog bones from summers past. Spinach and kale has been planted. The tomatoes, squash, and tomatillos are slowly taking over our living room and will have to stay their for another couple of weeks to avoid any surprise cold fronts.

I hope to teach my boy live slow, to know his land, to grow his food, to laugh, to not be afraid...

and most importantly to love.


* Photos by Joey Parker.