Talking Good Sleep, Bad Sleep, and Coyuchi's new Serenity Pillow

Over the long Labor Day weekend my husband drove the kids down to visit family in Idaho…without me. We did this with the intention of starting the weening journey with our soon-to-be 2 year old (I’ll save that story for a later blog post). I hadn’t come close to sleeping through the night since our second baby came around and needless to say it was starting to take a major toll on me.

All in good timing, I was asked to test out Coyuchi’s new and innovative serenity pillow and I can honestly say that it was the icing on the cake to my restorative weekend.

Windy Peak Vintage at home for Coyuchi

The Serenity Pillow is made of certified organic latex and shaped to promote healthy posture and restorative sleep. I used to mix and match pillows throughout the night (some flat feather pillows and others firm foam pillows) and I never could find the perfect cocktail. I found the Serenity Pillow to be perfectly soft yet still supportive. It has these unique indentations for your face and ears that are meant to alleviate pressure on your face and align the spine. The pillow design ( in combination with sleeping with no kids) made for a lot less tossing and turning and I slept like a queen. I never thought I’d be one to go around recommending pillows to people but the comfort mixed with the sustainability of this one really won me over

First, a little bit about COYUCHI:

Coyuchi is a California company founded nearly 30 years ago. The company is inspired by nature and driven by its mission to craft thoughtfully designed, quality bedding, bath and lounge-wear that's friendly to both people and our planet. Consciously processed fibers and responsible production practices ensure everything they make reflects the company’s ideals: sustainability, organic + natural fibers, and a truly human commitment to the hands that touch each product.