The Art of Baby Wearing

A few weeks after Leon's birth we started practicing the art of baby wearing. In the beginning the never ending piece of fabric felt daunting to maneuver, but is now second nature and part of our daily happenings. I find that wearing my boy has enabled me to continue to do the things I love while constantly engaging with the little guy.

Leon joins me in morning chores, trips to the grocery store, small town thrifting, and hikes with the dogs. We get to experience life from a similar perspective and feel each others hearts beat with each step we take.

I feel a freedom in traveling like this as well. We can pack Leon's wrap and take it any wear we please. It is still possible to travel light with a baby, though the modern day baby-industry will try to convince you otherwise.

A few tips:

  • Practice tying your wrap / sling before your little one is born. That way you are somewhat familiar with how they work.

  • Put your wrap on before you head out to run errands. That will be one less thing you have to deal with in the grocery store parking lot.

  • Dress your baby in something simple. Bulky clothes don't fit into the wraps as well and aren't as comfortable.

  • If you are breastfeeding wear something that is easy to unbutton, that way you can leave the wrap on while feeding.

  • At around 4 months old I started facing Leon outward so he could be more involved with his environment, but If he is at all sleepy or fussy he finds it much more calming to face inward.

It has been a magical ride for the both of us.