Something About Film

I took hundreds of photos of our son during his first year. They were all well lit with nice composition. I shot with a digital camera and shot a lot. My husband on the other hand photographed our son with one of our old film cameras. His captures with thoughtful and raw (perhaps to share on another day). There is something about film that truly captures a moment in time in a way that digital photography cannot. Maybe it is the anticipation of having to wait to see the photos until they are fully developed (as opposed to the instant viewing of a digital photograph). Or maybe it is having only a certain amount of photos to shoot and patiently waiting for the perfect moment to click the shutter (instead of the hundreds or thousands of photos we have the ability to take on a digital camera).

My dear friend Lauren (and photographer of our shop look books) recently developed a role of film she took while shooting for the shop this last Fall. The photos are lovely and capture a creative moment I hold dear to my heart.


All photos by Lauren Lipscomb.