Dream Shop Collective

Today is the start of 9 GIVEAWAYS as part of the 'Dream Shop Collective' - a group of independent women owned shops & lifestyle bloggers who have banded together to offer a place of inspiration & beauty. Go to www.dreamshopcollective.com for the GIVEAWAY schedule and details

During these 18 days use the code 'DREAMSHOPCOLLECTIVE' to receive 10% off at all participating shops.


On December 11th Katie of Pitchforks and Pomegranates will host this giveaway from Windy Peak Vintage!





30 weeks pregnant & my hike to Pine Creek Lake

Being 30 weeks pregnant, walking up the stairs or putting away laundry can seem the hardest chore in the world. This past weekend I put set aside my limitations and surprised myself with my ability to hike up a mountain with my husband, dogs, and 20 extra pounds on me.

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